Meet Sirius – your guiding star in the universe of data

Reach your desired customer experience through smart data insights, curated by AI.


Your business decisions are guided by data. We’re here to make sure they won’t lead you into a black hole.


We have built an AI powered platform, which evaluates, processes and reacts to feedback from your clients all over the world. Sirius has the ability to scrape through websites, as well as to identify phrases or keywords, while determining the sentiment and context in which they appear.

How it works

Data Scraping

Data Scraping

We’ll scan and scrape key platforms where your users express their thoughts. In this way we will help you identify the best sources which provide clear insights into user experience.

Data Scraping

Data Consolidation

We make sure to filter only relevant data, based on your preferences.

Data Scraping

Data Annotation

Our team of our annotators work to give you clean and structured datasets, which is key for future processing. No dark matter in your data!

Data Scraping

Data Enrichment

Sirius puts extra effort towards data enrichment, producing the best fuel for our algorithms and machine learning.

Data Scraping

Bespoke algorithms

When your business hits the speed of light, it’s good to have algorithms which filter the right opportunity particles. This way you can rest assured you are staying on the right course, and not getting lost in the abyss of micromanagement.

Data Scraping

Machine Learning

The true powerhouse of our engine. Our machine learning cuts through the data and transforms unstructured data into organised insights, directly transported through API to your own apps.

How does Sirius help you face challenges?

Select a department to see how implementing Sirius can help you.

Before using Sirius

It’s not clear, how our users respond to our product in real life.

Life with Sirius

I understand how much users loves our product, thanks to combination of data sources.

Before using Sirius

We aren’t sure where to tweak our design in order to make better and lasting user conversions.

Life with Sirius

We see which interactions cause friction and know how to fix them.

Before using Sirius

We can’t spot bugs in time, with reporting being too slow.

Life with Sirius

We’re able to collect, prioritise and fix issues much sooner and faster.

Before using Sirius

We float aimlessly, trying to figure out what features are in demand so that we can bring in real results.

Life with Sirius

We have user suggestions and competition data collected and prioritised automatically. We understand the needs of existing and potential customers so we can adapt our business accordingly.

Before using Sirius

We cannot be sure how our campaign is really received through social media.

Life with Sirius

We have an in-depth understanding of our audience’s attitude towards us, not only on social media, but other platforms as well. We’re also up to date on what is trending online.

Before using Sirius

Our team is flooded with repetitive user requests and we often fail to react to user reviews.

Life with Sirius

We have more time on our hands, as Sirius collects and even responds to the majority of chat inquiries and user reviews.

Before using Sirius

We don’t have a good understanding how our employees feel and what are their attitudes towards changes we make.

Life with Sirius

We know how satisfied our staff members are, what are the reasons for their disapproval, as well as what are their views on the steps the company takes and other important matters.

We help you get ready for
a successful mission

We are with you all the way from initial analysis, through the research phase, to providing you ongoing support with interpretation of data.

Beginning preparations

Initial analysis will help us understand your business goals, so we can determine which data sources to aim for.

Step by step technical initiation

You can count on us to make sure Sirius fits within your technical framework.

Design data workflow

Using a small batch of data, we’ll describe and fine-tune the initial database you can work with.

Deploying databases for machine learning

With hand-picked annotated data, we will prepare the basic structure, serving as a basis for future automation.

Data Enrichment phase

To acquire a sufficient amount of data, one would need to annotate hundreds of thousands of keywords. With our data enrichment technique, we are able to whittle down this number significantly, allowing for quicker work, without compromising its quality.

Designing efficient machine learning

Once we have identified key sources, relevant keywords and annotated data, we’ll build custom-made algorithms which will do all the hard work for you.

Testing and tweaking

With the artificial intelligence up and running, we have to ensure there is an emphasis on the ‘intelligence’ part. We’ll make sure that outputs are comprehensible, insights are useful and identified trends actually lead to concrete conclusions.


Based on your preferences, we’ll set up an API for your own apps and platforms. Besides On-Promise implementation, we could also establish the secure Sirius Cloud for storing and working with your data insights. And now you’re ready to go!

Who runs Sirius

Our team of 5 consists of university researchers and C-level data officers, along with senior developers. It runs on startup drive, data science and corporate insights. Under the banner of our Commander Marek Grác, the founder of Sirius, we were able to bring the platform to several key players in the business universe.

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